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SRT: Spiritual Response Therapy

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

What is SRT?

SRT stands for Spiritual Response Therapy. It is a meticulous process of researching the subconscious mind and soul (or Akashic) records to discover and release hidden programs, blocks, interferences, themes and challenges to health, happiness and spiritual growth. This technique uses tools to communicate with your subconscious mind and your superconscious mind – your Higher Self.

There are charts full of various items – you know Debbie love charts and lists! We can learn about what programs you have running (for example, self-punishment programs), what themes and challenges (for example, to recreation and play) you have, and what blocks or interferences there are. We clear these programs and discordant energies.

Unlike Energetic Fusion, you are totally conscious for this, and for those of you who are copious note-takers, you are allowed to write all this down if you want. Debbie is not sure how helpful that is but many are drawn to needing to know every detail.

What does clearing do?

When the Higher Self clears a program or a block, it literally erases the negative energy pattern from your subconscious mind and soul records. You can pick any topic, and we will work through the programs, energies, and more that created it and are holding it in place.

What is a program?

A program can be anything. You can get programming from your parents and family. You can get programming from abuse or trauma – imagine what that trauma taught you about yourself. Programs can come from your subconscious beliefs about deserving, or worthiness, or many other things. For example, you may have some abandonment and betrayal programs running. Things along this line may continue to show up in your life, and you may perceive things as abandonment or betrayal, when they may not be that. Programming often comes from past lives. It is never the events that happen to us that determine the programming, it is the energy around those events that matter. It’s not the fact that you were a monk or a nun and took vows of poverty in a past life. It is the energy around that, and your thoughts around that and the things you believed about that, that are causing the poverty consciousness. Maybe a parent or teacher was trying to help you improve, or help you with a problem. It doesn’t really matter how nice they were or what words they used. What matters is how you took it in. You may have ‘heard’ or perceived “I’m not good enough”.

How does it work?

Debbie uses a pendulum, to look at charts of various items. The pendulum is a substitute for the client’s higher self. That pendulum helps Debbie determine what chart to look at, and, what section on the chart. Perhaps there are some remedies you need. It might show her that you need homeopathic remedies, so she asks the higher self (the pendulum) to apply the homeopathic remedies. This is wonderful because we don’t have to know which ones you need, how many drops, how often you need it or how long you should take it – your higher self simply applies it. Or perhaps you are running self-punishment programs. We would check to see if they had their origins in a past life. If so, we will go find out what the cast of characters was that created this situation, what programs were running and clear everything around that. Often there are religious lifetimes where you took heart vows – vows of poverty, suffering, chastity, and more. There are so many possibilities.

What’s the difference between SRT and EF?

Either will get you to where you want to be. EF is mostly about subconscious emotions that didn’t get processed that resulted in unwanted manifestations in health, finances, relationships, etc. SRT is more about your soul, and what programming and experiences you chose before you ever incarnated, and then the other things you picked up through all your incarnations. When the soul incarnates, there are many misperceptions. It was previously with Source, but once incarnated, feels the intense separation from the Divine. This is where many of the programs originate – self-punishment for example. You realize you are no longer with Source, so you conclude that you must have done something wrong. You must have been cast out of heaven. You decide you must be evil. You can no longer see God or hear God, so you long for that connection, and you blame yourself for the lack of it. In truth, there is no separation – you are never separate from the Divine, but we all tell ourselves lies.

SRT is deeper and more intense and it will take fewer sessions to get to the end, but you can’t cover as many things in one session. As with EF, each session on the same topic gets shorter. Some topics seem to have less in SRT - like relationship issues, and chakra/energetic issues.

In summary, they are both different and they are both great! Either way, we will get you to where you want to be. Ideally, you will book a hybrid session where she uses both techniques for maximum effectiveness.


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