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Quick Guide on How to Get Started

What Kind of Session Do I Book?

If you have repetitive neck and shoulder issues, I suggest you start with Atlas Balancing/Dao Tha Soundcodes. This requires planning on your part, as for two weeks following this you cannot go to the chiropractor, lift heavy objects (including toddlers) or do exercises that will jostle your neck. While everyone’s atlas is out, if you are not having issues, you are not going to feel the difference, even though this is multi-dimensional work. 

Otherwise I would do the hybrid SRT/EF. There is some Tolpakan Healing weaved in and so it is a triple header. Really good deep work. There are three simple charts used – one to determine what to clear, another to determine what positive things to add, and the third which contains clues that we might not otherwise be aware of. As an example, it is possible what you are experiencing might be part of your soul experience template, or there might be parts of your various bodies (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, energetic and dimensional) that need some evolution or correction.

What is a hybrid session like? I take an item from your list and set the intention to clear it. I go to the first guide (imbalances and blocks to clear) and silently muscle test down the list. When I find the issue, I use a command to clear it. Then we go to the next. We circulate through the charts (what can I clear, what positive energies can I add, and messages to decipher from Source) until the topic is complete. It sounds very 'mental' but there is a ton of energy flowing.

If you want lighter work, go for the Energetic Fusion, where we clear emotions that cause issues in your body and life. The price is the same, but I find the new modality more efficient. Here is an 11 minute video explaining that older modality. I am sorry to say that I do not yet have a video for the new modality, but it is far less complex for the client. 


The Bioenergetic Transmission is a fun modality, where you can work on anything – it contains images to focus on and download, commands to clear things, and some chants/sound to drive the healing. It can be used on anything.


Do You Record Sessions?

I do not record or allow you to record, and there is a reason for that. I don't record because you don't need to hear this more than once. You CAN get too much of this. Plus, you do not need to ruminate on what came up in the session. So, no note taking either, as that pulls you out of your subconscious mind which is where I work. If you are multi-tasking in any way during a session you are not absorbing the work. Give yourself this time. Once things are cleared, they are cleared; and if you have a personality where you need to analyze what happened (and I totally get it), etc. this may not be for you. 


Are sessions Done in Person? 

No. All sessions are remote. Sessions are 55 minutes and done through Zoom. I will send the zoom link the morning of the session. 


What is Expected of the Client?

Openness. This is key: You must be open to things you may not understand in order to receive this work. Many diseases and issues are caused by entity interference.  Simply put, entities are energies that have attached to you or your environment. These are mostly ‘wayward energies’ that are lost, and attach to whatever passes by them. These are not demons or evil, they are simply troublemakers, whose job is to take anything negative and amplify it – a little irritation becomes rage, a little sadness becomes depression, etc.


There are other strange or ‘out there’ concepts that may come up during a session, like dimensional rifts, extraterrestrial contact, alternate lives or universes, and more. You do not have to understand any of these things or believe in them. If you prefer, I can say them silently. However, if you are not at least open to these things, this work is not for you. I totally understand – it is not for everyone, and I thank you for considering it.


In addition, there are things that are addressed that are not covered in the previous modalities, such as emotional, spiritual, dimensional, energetic and mental ‘debris’ emotional baggage, empathy, light scores, timelines, mass consciousness beliefs, negative thought forms, vows/oaths/curses/spells/black magic, negative contracts, and so much more. If these show up, they are deeply important to the clearing.


Session Prep

You will need to create a list of things to work on. Please list at least 15 items. We may or may not get to them all on the first session. You are free to prioritize them or I can test for the most important issue at the time of our session. You can send it to me in priority order, or you can choose to let me muscle test, asking your Higher Self to show us the most important priority.


This works on literally anything, so sky's the limit. When you create your list, please write short, specific bullet points/sentences, not paragraphs. You'll have the opportunity to elaborate in the session. It does not require lots of detail but something like 'improve my health' is way too broad. It doesn't have to be perfect - just take a shot at it. 


If you include ‘weight loss’, that is too broad. I have 106 topics under this so you will need to decide how much time, or how many items you would like to cover in your session. Otherwise, I could go the entire time on this one topic. The same is true for abundance/money where I have 86 topics to choose from. I will test the most important items for you in those categories. Just tell me, for example, that you want to do the top 5 topics, or you want to spend 15 minutes on it.


Do I Need to Send a New List

Every Time?

No, I keep your list on file. You only need to send anything new for the list, or let me know if the priority changes. At the beginning of the session, I always ask if you have any updates – has there been any improvement anywhere. I then ask if there is anything new for your list or anything floating to the top as a priority.


Booking and Pricing

I am generally booked 8 – 10 weeks out. I do have a waiting list. I prioritize those with urgent issues, so please let me know about these if you want to be on the waiting list. Appointments are available Monday through Friday at 9:00 a.m., 10:30 a.m., 1:00 p.m., 2:30 p.m. and 4:00 p.m., Eastern time. Sessions are priced differently depending on what type of session you choose. Visit the booking page


How Many Sessions Will it Take?

This is the question I am most often asked, and the one that is impossible to answer. There is a 90% chance that you will need more than one session but I cannot tell you how many. It depends on your willingness, receptivity, trauma, how fast you heal, and many other factors that make it impossible to predict. Many view this service as an investment in themselves. You can only get in to see me once a month, so it is worth it to them to see me continuously.


How Do I Know When to Have My

Next Session?

At the end of the session Debbie will test to see how long it will take you to integrate the work. Generally, that is 4 weeks. That doesn’t mean you won’t feel anything until a month has passed. It means that not everything will be completely integrated for a month. You don’t want to have another session until you are completely integrated.


How Do I Know When the Healing

is Complete?

As we continue to work on the same issues, each one will take less time – there will be less to clear. Most people go until their symptoms have cleared. Ideally you will go until there is nothing left to clear.  Once a topic has nothing left to be cleared, I change it in my file to a different color, indicating it has completed for the first time. The next time, I will try it again. If it finishes twice, I turn it red for complete and it comes off the list, but sometimes there’s a couple little things that might show up after completing once.


How Do I Ask a Question That is Not Answered Here?

If possible, hold that question until your session. If your question is ‘Will it work on XYZ (issue)’ the answer is generally yes with the above exceptions. 


Is There Anything You Don't Work On?

Yes. Two things. I don't work on addiction or alcoholism. I cannot make an alcoholic into a social drinker. I don't work on these things because I am 27 years sober, and am biased about how things should be done. (paragraph here) I also do not work on cancer/leukemia, etc. This is for ethical reasons. Cancer takes a ton of work. My sessions are not cheap. It would take dozens and dozens and dozens of sessions and with my calendar, and the need for integration between sessions, you can only get in to see me once a month. It is just not ethical for me to charge you money for something that could take years and years to correct since you can only see me once a month. I am so sorry, but this is what feels authentic and right to me. I am not out to take people's money.

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