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"Thank you is really not enough! Ms. Debra A Loshbough I know you call it Energetic Fusion but my session felt more like Deep Soul Clearing…and I want to apologize for making you work so damn hard. You are truly Powerful, Patient, Understanding, Knowledgeable, Loving, Amazing and Definitely a Master Healer of your Craft. That beautiful journey reminded me that although I came here in pain I don’t have to remain in pain and leave here in pain.You moved boulders and exposed All that was hidden just to allow me a chance to remember what peace felt like. I cried after our session and was so Thankful and Grateful for our connection and the words of wisdom you shared with me afterward. I felt so vulnerable and I know that I have a lifetime of work to do but the spaces you cleared are now filled with eternal Love and Light. I am forever Grateful. I Love You and look forward to our next session."


- Nefertiti D.


My beloved mom loved my work. So she wrote this testimonial for me:

Dear Friends, and all of us who see doctors all the time.

I personally came across a healing process that Debbie Loshbough has done, and has a certification for doing. I have used this process of Infinite Love and Gratitude a number of times and it has helped me immensely, not only with my medical problem but with several other problems. This method of healing is unbelievable. It is not complicated and it can help with any matter or issue. It does not require medication; it is simply healing that occurs through a talking process. Many things are advertised for healing, but this no medicine process is very simple.


I have personally made progress with chronic aching legs and more. I hope this message will encourage you to contact Debbie and try the LifeLine Technique yourself and feel the changes in your life. I deeply hope you take this opportunity to use this method if you need extra help that you can’t get from your doctor.

- Geraldine M


I have been working with Debbie Loshbough for the last few months, and she has helped me greatly. I have regained feeling in two fingers on my left hand that had become numb, relieved a nearly constant ache over my left eye, have seen much relief from pain in my back and an improvement in my posture. Every other condition that we have been working on has shown improvement.

Beyond the relief of physical symptoms we also worked on prosperity. Being a “senior” and having divorced my husband five years ago, I need a source of income as alimony has run out. After working on prosperity some avenues have opened up where I can pursue my interests, and in time I believe I can create the income I need. I feel invigorated with a renewed sense of adventure and enjoyment.

I have had a lot to overcome. I had two unexpected surgeries four days apart in February, 2008. My family was told that I probably would not survive the second surgery. I was in the hospital and rehab for a total of two months. Ten months later, while undergoing some therapy to increase my flexibility, I pulled some muscles in my back, This created severe pain which I favored by walking stooped over. In addition, in my earlier years I did not express my emotions, so there are a lot of emotions stuffed inside which we keep releasing.

Debbie is the first person in Georgia to be certified in The Lifeline Technique. Certification is difficult to achieve. There is a written exam that takes nine or more hours to finish, and you must score 90 or more to pass. There is also a proficiency exam. Debbie knows the technique well. I am often amazed at her intuition. It has been a fascinating journey as we uncover, by accessing the subconscious mind, what my body is saying.I have the highest regard for Debbie’s abilities. She gives and gives – much more than is expected. I am grateful for all she has helped me with, and I highly recommend her work.


- Elizabeth Gibbons


Debbie has the soul and purpose of a healer – gentle yet thorough and unwavering. If there is something to uncover, recognize and heal, Debbie will be the one to lead you to it. Debbie’s work with the Lifeline Technique opens doors that have awarded me a greater, more significant and lasting change that I may not have experienced without the use of the LLT and her capable hands and energy. My childhood, like many of ours, was tumultuous and painful to say the least. Recognizing, embracing then releasing and forgiving has been paramount to the success I have been given. Without the Lifeline Technique and Debbie’s work, it may have taken years to melt the ice that surrounded my heart and covered my childhood wounds. I have recovered in ways I would have never imagined … An unspoken gift of Debbie’s healing is while you are working with her, you slowly but surely are given the gift of self love and appreciation – dare I say admiration – and it comes from a place where loving yourself brings you closer to your Higher Power, your God, the Universe, yourself AND others.

The healing I experienced not only healed the specific ailment that we were working on but it enabled me to become that best version of myself that everyone is struggling to achieve these days. Debbie’s work helped clear the path in my subconscious and soul to find my true self. The great news – no doubt I’ve only scratched the surface! Debbie’s work with the Lifeline Technique is unparalleled to the 1000s of dollars I have spent in therapy. Her work certainly compliments cognitive therapy but works on a greater plane and reaches deeper depths of the subconscious – the key to unlocking our self imposed limitations. Thank you, Debbie! It seems so appropriate to shout from the mountain tops – FREE AT LAST!

- April D. Fordham


"I have two dogs, Buzz and Jessie. They are half American Eskimo and half Schipperke, and they are the loves of my life. They are from the same parents but from different litters. Both are healthy, but Buzz is the more rambunctious of the two. He loves to tear around in the back yard, and he would often turn up with ‘boo-boos’ that I thought were from him running up against the fence, or through the shrubbery. As I watched him more closely, I noticed that these areas were never red or raised. They were never open wounds and thus never bled or scabbed over. They did however itch, and he chewed on them constantly, leaving little perfectly round patches where the hair was missing. He would have three to five of these spots on all four of his legs all the time. He had been exhibiting this condition for at least two years. I was short on funds, and it didn’t seem to be irritating him that much. I couldn’t afford to take him to the doggie dermatologist to determine the exact source of his skin condition.

His ‘Aunt Debbie’ learned the LifeLine Technique and decided to try it on him after her early training. It can’t harm anyone or anything so I was happy to let her experiment on my little guy. I was amazed when this condition that had persisted over a period of years virtually disappeared over night. It has been well over a year since then and it has never returned. The emotions that came up as being behind his symptoms made sense for a dog, and I was even more attuned to the amount and extent of emotions that animals carry. This work is greatly beneficial as well for helping to know what my loving pets are experiencing in their minds that they cannot easily express to me.

I would definitely use the LifeLine on any pets I owned. It is a highly valuable technique for healing and understanding. Thank you!"


Greetings, I was diagnosed with a foot abnormality (an extra bone) which was pressing on a nerve causing moderate annoying pain. The podiatrist prescribed an insert for my shoe which did little to help. After my LifeLine session with Debbie I noticed the pain subsiding.

Several months have passed and the pain in my foot is almost gone. The next step suggested by the podiatrist was surgery so I am extremely grateful for my healing.

Infinite Love and Gratitude

- Joanne R.



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