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Hi! I'm Debbie

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I'm the Founder of

The Energetic Detective

Welcome to my website! I wanted to take a minute to tell you a little bit about the business. You can learn more personally about me at (link to About Debbie page). You can learn about my journey from being an Information Technology professional to having a full-time healing practce at (link to blog post – ‘High Tech to High Vibe’). I call myself The Energetic Detective because I follow the energetic “clues” to get to the source of your issues and resolve them. I wanted to share my values, my philosophy, and how I may be different from others.

Explore Energy Healing With Me

My values for my business are compassion, authenticity, and integrity.

I believe I am a deeply compassionate person. I can relate to a lot because I fit the archetype of the
wounded healer. I have been through a lot in this lifetime, and my own healing continues. Even at the
end of a long day, I am fully present for my clients. I adore my clients. My work uplifts me, satisfies me and fulfills me. I have to really take care of myself and create strong boundaries in order to remain
physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually healthy for you.

I am authentic. What you see is what you get. I am not drowning in sweetness and light. I loathe toxic positivity. I have seen it destroy people. I would say I am a mix of Love, Light and REAL. I try to be genuine. I hope you are comfortable being genuine with me. Feel all your feels, that’s how you heal.

Ethics and integrity are deeply important to me. I work with the HH Collective and I also have my private clients. If you came to me through Carina Hart or the HH Collective, you must go through them to schedule. I will not do anything behind Carina’s back, so don’t ask. I don’t do anything under the table. I am a corporation, and I pay my taxes. If you are hiding from the IRS you are hiding from abundance.

Neutrality is also a part of integrity. I have worked with both the vaxed and the anti-vax folks. With
those who are deeply liberal and those who fear government control. I have worked with those
concerned that they have been implanted, and those who believe they have nanobots. I have been told some very deep, dark secrets. I work with the LGBTQ+ community and have been an ally for decades. I strive for diversity and inclusion in my practice. I honor your identity (and your pronouns!). I have been judged all my life. I won’t judge you unless you are actively committing a crime.

Some of you want to talk to me on the phone, but the same questions are always asked. Thus I have
written up everything you need to know to get started. I have 600 clients and I do lots of remote charts and clearings after hours. Some people have my phone number or email and I get personal requests for healing at the rate of about 15 – 20 a day. I simply cannot do it. Unfortunately I just don’t have any extra time for phone calls or emails. This is a part of my self-care.

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Discover How the  Energetic Detective Can Help You


WHEN SOMEONE ASKS WHAT KIND OF THINGS WE CAN WORK ON - the answer is quite literally 'anything and everything'. The things she's worked on would blow your mind. However, many people don't like the answer 'everything'. So here are some examples. The list of things she's worked on is endless.

PHYSICAL AND MENTAL HEALTH -  you name it, she's worked on it, and she loves a good mystery. She calls herself an energetic detective. Let's solve it together.

CAREER - burnout, job search, harmonize to coworkers, clear project teams, moving forward with your own business

RELATIONSHIPS - harmonize you to your partner, family or others, release remnants of old relationships, releasing old relationship patterns, opening and clearing the heart chakra, being ready, willing, able, safe, deserving, supported, committed available, worthy, free to be and destined for a relationship. Harmonize your guides to each other (when people love each other but always snipe at each other, this is often the reason - one person's guides don't like the other person's guides). Clear past and future lifetimes with this person. Clear conflicts and create relationships that are kind, gentle, easy, friendly/loving/intimate, compassionate, supportive, honest, trustworthy, transparent, in integrity, prosperous, successful, with solid boundaries and positive and powerful communication (that's just a start - add what you'd like).

ABUNDANCE - Debbie teaches 6 month abundance classes to help with your awareness and manifestation abundance and to clear a list of 78 (so far!) issues. There are many things to address in this category. She has  done it with great success.

PERSONAL GROWTH - self-esteem, worthiness, perfectionism, self-sabotage, all forms of trauma - which is cleared without retraumatizing you - and so much more. 

SPIRITUAL GROWTH - connecting to your guides and Higher Self, increasing your psychic gifts, connection to the Divine, clearing religious programming, and whatever else you can think of.


CHAKRAS/ENERGY CENTERS - clearing distortions, repairing, balancing, grounding, spin correction, functions and dysfunctions and limiting beliefs associated with each chakra. I work in more than 64 major chakras, minor chakras and 50 mini chakras. Work in various bodies, e.g. physical, etheric, emotional, mental, causal, etc.

'OUT THERE' STUFF - attachment clearing. portal closing, parallel and future lives, interference, releasing guides with lower than certiain light scores, or beings masquerading as guides, and all kinds of fun stuff I won't repeat here.

ANYTHING GOES - if you have something that is not on this list, bring it up. The way these modalities work, anything and everything is possible


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