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Bioenergetic Transmission

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

ABOUT : BIOENERGETIC TRANSMISSION Debbie is a Certified Bioenergy Transmitter, under the Divine Energetics program at the Institute of Divine Potential. She is one of only 24 people in the world who are certified to do this. This is the certification of which Debbie is most proud. It is the most profound work she has ever come across. Everything in the Universe is sound, light and vibration. This modality involves all three. There are geometric codes, such as the one above, that are uploaded into your system in a meditative process. These geometric images are known as ‘codes’. The code is like the vehicle. It does not do much alone. Once the code is uploaded, there is a command, and a toning that is the ‘driver’ for the vehicle. There are a thousand layers under what you see of the code. This modality is done online, because there are high resolution images that need to be viewed. Individual sessions can be purchased which will be designed based on your intention – or what you’d like to work on. Debbie will also be doing group sessions doing the general codes. This modality is much more powerful in a group as everyone creates the morphogenetic field together.

WHAT IS A CODE AND WHY ARE THEY SO POWERFUL? The quantum field which comprises of everything that creates matter and reality is made up of instruction sets, mathematical sequences, numbers, code and geometry. This programming code sits behind the veil of what we perceive with our physical eyes. This series of numbers and geometries interact with your Consciousness, Bio-Energy Field and DNA Template. These three components of who and what you are, continually broadcast a vibration that creates the attractor field for the Codes that you bring into your system. Thus the combination of what your Consciousness, Bio-Energy field and DNA template are vibrating at is critical to the reality you create for yourself because it attracts the coding and instruction sets that populate your reality. This is why when you change your internal programming it creates a change in your interaction with the quantum field and thus a change in your reality you are experiencing. Totally confused yet? It’s OK. This is actually very hard to explain because it is a very advanced system. But it cannot hurt you because it is all guided by your Divine Self. Debbie urges you to try it.

BIO ENERGETIC SOUND CODES There are a number of codes that are used, and varying session content. For a standard $33 group session, the following 5 codes are used: Morphogenetic Code: This is the code on the previous page

, which provides a celestial defense system. Aids as a protection mechanism from any and all frequencies that are not of the Highest Light, Purity and Virtue. Centeredness Key/Universal Code: This is the code shown at the top of this page. It is used for grounding, centering and moving into the hara dimension – the ‘void’ inside us where all manifestation begins as a spark. Plasmic Flame: This clears miasma (dead static light waste), clouds and music in your field. Clouds can be light or dark, but either will block you from receiving your good. Mucus in your field is like mucus in the body – it just makes your energy congested. The plasmic flame is also used to clear your etheric body. This is an incredibly powerful clearing at the soul template level. The following clearings are included: all pathogens, poisons, toxins, heavy metals, chemicals and drugs in your auric field. Endocrine glands cleared of toxins and enhanced. Unstable energetic emotions stored at the cellular and etheric levels. Burn off of any calcification build up in the pineal gland, and increasing the light quotient in all biocircuitry. Eliminate distortions and enhance the function of the bio-computer. Burn through any unstable emotions stored in the emotional body and increase emotional stability. Antakarana Hypercube: This amazing code clears astral objects, bioenergetic field attachments, and clears cords from the chakras. It clears, repairs and removes any irregular, divergent and inorganic energetic discordances and aligns you with your Divine self. Imprinted Programs: Neutralizes all imprinted programs, woundings, shadow thought forms, damaging societal conditioning, emotional memory traumas and anything that prevents you from realizing your true self, and reabsorbing your soul essence. The following codes are added for the advanced group sessions for $44. Chakra Biorestructure: This is a deep and complete restructuring of up to three chakras (doing more than that in one session would make you sleepy). It clears all tears, splits, cords, leaks and any discordance stopping the perfect harmonic alignment and ratios of each chakra spiral.

Plasmic Flame Hypercube Fusion: Clears all blocks, compactions, mesh armor, plate armor, energy depletions, energy leaks, metallic shielding, organ template discordance and energetic body stagnation throughout all levels of the bioenergy field. Neuroplasmic Holosynch: Are you familiar with the HeartMath Institute? If not, you should be! This code creates an amalgamation and synchronicity between the pineal gland, pituitary gland, the hypothalamus, the medulla oblongata, and the left prefrontal cortex, and creates a coherent whole-brain connection to the heart’s intelligence. Genesis Cell Code: This amazing code corrects our blueprint through the use of the 8 original genesis cells, held in our perineum – the only cells that do not change throughout our life. The original wounding of separation occurs when the umbilical cord is cut and the baby is separated from the placenta – it’s source of everything for the entire pregnancy. This code heals that wounding, and reconnects you to the cord and placenta, essentially rebirthing you through the lotus template (a form of birthing where both the placenta and the cord remain with the baby until it is ready to release them some time in the first 10 days).

Why Debbie Loves This Modality As you may or may not know, Debbie doesn’t like to do ‘average’ techniques. She loves cutting edge, higher consciousness modalities. She likes to be a pioneer, an innovator, a trailblazer. This modality certainly fills the bill. There are less than 25 practitioners of this modality, so she is indeed blazing the higher consciousness trail! Other things she loves about it:

  • Often group sessions are convenient but are watered down compared to individual sessions. In the case of Bioenergetic Transmission, it actually is MORE powerful when done in a group. This is so exciting!

  • Debbie has always wanted to serve, and to keep her prices low, and make them affordable for most, yet the bills still have to be paid. With this modality, done in groups, it allows Debbie to keep the price low. You simply cannot beat $33 for a healing session using one of the most powerful modalities on the planet!

  • Each code is taken down to the center of the earth and sent out across the planet to do its work. So as we heal the individual and the group, we also heal the planet. Win, win, win!

  • You don’t have to understand anything. If Debbie told you that Bioenergetic Transmission uses a fifteen dimensional Time-Space Matrix Model, and utilizes the stepped down energy, frequency, and living conscious intelligence held as scalar wave programs in living codes, known as the Codes of Absolute Source… If she said that these consciousness fields are from dimensions 13 -15, and are pre-matter thermo-plasmic light and that these dimensions are also known as the Primal Light Fields… would your head explode? It’s OK. You don’t have to know anything. It is as simple as looking at an image on a screen, and listening to a command and a little toning. It’s relaxing, and meditative.

  • This modality seems to clear up things that Debbie can’t quite get to the bottom of in her other robust techniques. She may know three or four ways to take care of an issue, and when it is as complete as it can be, this technique will still find more to take care of, so as to move it to full completion.

  • The more you do it, the more you clear and the better your life gets. You can do it as often as you’d like. Debbie does it for herself every single day. Debbie loves Higher Brain Living as well, as a higher consciousness modality, but finds that people won’t do the work, or follow through. With this, there is no work. Just tune in and listen.

  • Debbie has seen many, many workshops go unfilled, demos unattended, meetups that many sign up for but don’t attend. People prefer to do things online and go to events where they don’t have to leave home. That makes this PERFECT! You can do it from the comfort of your own home and it is just as powerful as being in a room. It is actually more powerful because we can have more people in a Zoom meeting than you could fit in a room.


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