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All of my modalities work on pets. I will say, however that itchiness is by far the most difficult thing to conquer, simply because there can be so many causes and there’s usually more than one thing going on at a time.

I work with a pet by using their owner as the surrogate. Pets can have past lives, and they can have holding patterns, including mind holding patterns (limiting beliefs in the chakras) however, there is not usually an original occurrence for those beliefs because animals don’t hold onto things the way we do.

When the animal is a rescue, or it’s previous history is unknown, I start by clearing trauma. Ancestral trauma, as well as issues relative to the breed are usually dealt with next.

You pet lovers will be sad to hear this, but your pet carries things for you. I remember accompanying a friend to her holistic vet. When the vet told her the animal was carrying her kidney issues for her, she was silent. My friend’s pets are her children and she is deeply attached to them. I knew what she was thinking so I told the vet, “If she thinks she is causing harm to her pet, she will never forgive herself. She’ll go home and cry herself to sleep.” The vet remarked that this is the purpose of a pet. To help you, to be of service to you, and to carry things for you if necessary. They can carry illness, attachments, and trauma for their owner. The vet said that if you refuse to allow them to do this, that they will pass on and allow another animal to come in to accomplish this task. Additionally, when a pet dies, as painful as that is, know that in part it means that you have crossed a milestone – you have completed some part of your advancement, some piece of your healing – and that pet is no longer needed to assist you. Thus they move on.

Like humans, pets can carry self-punishment programs, especially if they harmed their human in a past life. They also have chakras – the normal ones plus a few extras, like paw chakras.

Pet sessions are shorter, as they cannot take as much energy work as an adult. But I adore animals and I am happy to work with you. I can’t wait to meet your furry friend!!!

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