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Do you talk to your body? Most people only do so to hate on themselves, or a part of their body. Rarely does anyone thank each part of the body for how it has served them. Did you know you can have a conversation with your body? And it will answer you.

Use it often. Ask your body if it wants more water. Or if it would rather have fruit or oatmeal for breakfast. Or if it would prefer to go for a walk, or work out at the gym. I walk every day but always ask my body how far we are going each day. Ask one question at a time. Body, do you want oatmeal for breakfast? Do you want fruit for breakfast? Pay attention to which of those feels light, and which feels heavier. The ‘light’ sense is what you are looking for. Ask your body if it wants to wear sweat pants, or a summer dress. Ask if it wants to wear red or blue. If you are feeling pain or discomfort, ask “Body, how can do this with ease?”

Your body speaks to you in other ways. The entire basis of much of Energetic Fusion is that symptoms are gifts in strange wrapping paper. They are there to show you what emotions haven’t been processed. Various organs and parts of the body represent different things as well. Even the side of the body the issues are on are representative. The left side is feminine, and the right side is masculine, and so left side is receiving and the right side is giving. Are you easily able to receive? If not, you may have some left side issues, especially between the hand and the shoulder. The left side is about the emotional and the spiritual. The right side is about the physical and the mental.

As for parts of the body, let’s start at the bottom and work our way up.

The feet are first chakra and represent being grounded. They also represent the metaphor of steps. What keeps you from stepping up? Or what is the next step that you're not willing to take? Feet have mini-chakras that should be 1 inch in diameter

Ankles, although they are part of the first chakra (legs and feet), have their own connection to nurturing, and often represent second chakra issues – issues of nurturing, creativity, sex and money. I had a great deal of sexual trauma, and have had ankle injuries repeatedly over my life.

Calves are the only two headed muscle in the body. So quite often, those with cramps or other calf issues are trying to make a decision. This area of the leg can also be associated with third chakra issues of self-esteem and personal power.

Knees are about flexibility – the ability to bend and flow with life. Are you rigid? Do you ‘lock’ your knees along with locking in your beliefs? Knees are part of the legs, and thus the first chakra. They have mini-chakras that should be 1 inch in diameter but they are also connected to the heart chakra. I rarely see a person with knee problems who has a healthy heart chakra. Many have relationship issues. Also – what made you weak-kneed, or ‘brought you to your knees’?

Quadriceps (thighs) are some of the most powerful muscles in the body. Issues around ‘power’ show up in the quads. In the back of the thighs are the hamstrings. Hamstrings are generally control issues.

Hips are about moving forward – being unwilling to move forward. Hips are part of the second chakra but have mini-chakras which should be 1 inch in diameter. The left hip is about transfer of power from the mother, and the right is the transfer of power from the father. The pelvis from a Chinese medicine standpoint, is where the dan tien is, which is the core of our being. This is two to three inches below the navel, and it's the center of our power. Our core strength. For women, it is where the 'womb-heart' is.

The arms are about how we reach out to the world. How we hold up others. The hands are connected to the first chakra like the feet, and have mini-chakras that should be 1 inch in diameter. Wrists are second chakra like the ankles, and I have had as many sprained wrists as ankles.

Forearms are again, 3rd chakra – personal power and self-esteem. Elbows are again flexibility, and undervaluing yourself, as well as a potential radical change in your work/career. They are also 4th chakra – issues of the heart and relationships.

The neck connects the head and the body and the metaphors for that are sticking your neck out. Who are you sticking your neck out for? Or is there a disconnect between the mind and the body? It is also about your voice – expressing yourself, speaking up for yourself, and speaking your truth.

Ear problems are about what you don't want to hear. Eyes, what you don't want to see or what you don't want to focus on. Eye problems are related to the other eye - the third eye, so if somebody's having eye issues I will clean out the sixth (third eye) chakra.

Reproductive issues are often about sexual trauma, or beliefs about sex. The bladder represents anxiety. The digestive system asks, “What is it that you can’t digest? What can’t you stomach?” Additionally an ‘upset stomach’ is usually the manifestation of ‘upset feelings’.

The esophagus and sometimes the throat are often about what you can’t ‘swallow’. Kidneys are about fear – often ‘kid fears’. The liver is where we carry anger. It is also about ‘not living’. The lungs are where we carry grief. The heart is obvious – relationships and love, and being broken hearted. Thyroid is about not having a voice.

I hope this was helpful. Chakras are covered in another blog post.

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