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I actually work in 64 chakras, but the first 7 are the ones we will discuss here. Every person that works with chakras probably has a different theory or opinions. This is simply my understanding. As always, take what you need and leave the rest.

Each chakra is a vortex of energy that has its roots at the vertical power column that runs through the center of the body. The other end of the chakra extends outside the body in a cone-shaped form. Again, there are varying theories about the size of a healthy chakra. I say a healthy chakra is 8 to 12 inches in diameter. Chakras can be shut down or too small. Or they can be too big. A big chakra is good right? No – wrong. Having a chakra that is too big means it is full of congested energy. For example, survivors of abuse often have throat chakras that are huge because they were always threatened – that if they told anyone about what was going on, bad things would happen. They were silenced in various ways, and so all that energy of secrets untold is carried in the oversized, congested throat chakra.

Each chakra is associated with a color, with a gland, with certain organs and part of the body, and with certain qualities or themes.

First/root chakra:

The root of the first chakra starts at the perineum. This is the flesh between the genitals and the anus. While most chakras extend out to the front and back, the first chakra aims toward the earth – going down at about a 45-degree angle. The color of the first chakra is red. It is associated with the feet and hands, and the legs. The associated glands are the adrenal glands. The adrenals sit on top of the kidneys. Most of the glands are in the same area as the chakra, except for this one. But the connection of the first chakra to the adrenals makes sense because the adrenals are weakened by stress. And among the themes of the first chakra are survival and feeling safe and secure. Not feeling safe and secure, or being in survival mode creates huge amounts of stress and taxes the adrenal glands. Other first chakra themes are about home, and being rooted and grounded. Grounding is extremely important and will be a blog post of its own. The first three chakras are connected to the earth and all three can be helped by earthing or grounding. Emotions around these themes can create congestion or distortion in the first chakra. Issues with the legs can also create first chakra issues, or can be the result of distortions in the first chakra. The first chakra is about the right to exist, and the right to ‘have’. First chakra crystals are red jasper, black tourmaline (or most red and black stones), and hematite.

Second/sacral chakra:

The second chakra is in the region of the pelvis. It includes the reproductive system, the bladder, and generally the large intestine. It includes lower back and hip issues. I also find ankle and wrist issues associated with the second chakra. The root of the chakra is in the center of the pelvis, and it extends out, in the front and the back. The color is orange, and the glands are testes, uterus and ovaries. It is the right to feel, to have pleasure. The second chakra themes are nurturing, creativity, sex, and money. Limiting beliefs in those areas can cause the second chakra to be congested and enlarged, or shut down. Hip and lower back pain, bladder and reproductive issues are related to this chakra. Second chakra crystals include carnelian and orange calcite.

Third/solar plexus:

The third chakra is at the solar plexus, near the top of the abdomen. The color of the third chakra is yellow. It includes most of the digestive system, kidneys, and the associate gland is the pancreas. It also includes any spinal vertebrae behind the abdomen, and I find the third chakra is in play with issues in the shins/calves and forearms. The theme is personal power and self-esteem. There are questions of “what can’t you digest?” whether emotionally, mentally or physically. Additionally, the solar plexus chakra is about the right to act – to be an individual. Third chakra crystals are citrine, topaz and amber.

Fourth/Heart Chakra:

The fourth chakra is at the center of the chest. The color of the heart chakra is green, and some people also include pink. The gland is the thymus gland. Physically, it encompasses the heart, the respiratory system, the shoulders and vertebrae in that area, the esophagus, the liver and the bile duct/gall bladder. I also find fourth chakra issues in the knees and elbows. The themes for the heart chakra are unconditional love and relationships. The heart chakra represents your right to love and be loved. Fourth chakra crystals are green fluorite, rose quartz, emeralds, rhodochrosite again, amazonite, and most green or pink stones.

Fifth/Throat Chakra:

The fifth chakra is at the throat. The color of the throat chakra is pale blue, or sky blue. The gland is the thyroid gland, and most of the thyroid issues I have seen are related to a throat chakra issue (either shut down or congested). Physically, it covers thyroid issues, tonsillitis or sore throat issues, vocal cord issues, and musculoskeletal neck issues. Additionally, it covers issues of the ears, which are connected to the throat by the eustachian tube, as well as any jaw issues, dental issues or anything related to oral health. It is involved in the psychic gift of channeling. The metaphor or theme behind the throat chakra has to do with issues of expressing yourself, speaking up for yourself, and speaking your truth. Issues of being silenced, and times when you did not have a voice or were not allowed to speak. The throat chakra is about the right to speak and be heard. Crystals for the throat chakra include blue lace agate, turquoise, apatite or other pale blue stones. The darker blue stones are for the third eye chakra.

Sixth/Third Eye Chakra:

The third eye chakra is located at the center of the forehead, just above the eyes. The color of the sixth chakra is indigo blue. The associated gland is the pituitary. Physically it covers the eyes, some headaches, sinuses, issues of the face – particularly skin issues, hormonal issues along with the second chakra, and acid reflux along with the third chakra because the pituitary gland actually determines the amount of acid in the stomach. It covers certain parts of the brain and is involved in mental health. The sixth chakra is associated with clairvoyance and other psychic gifts. Metaphors and themes are related to intuition and the ability to know. It is the right to see and be seen. Third chakra crystals include lapis lazuli, sodalite, and azurite.

7th/crown chakra:

The crown chakra is at the top of the head. It goes straight up, reaching for the Divine. The color of the crown chakra is purple. The associated gland is the pineal gland. The crown chakra is related to issues with sleep, the mental body (thinking and memories), mental health, psychic abilities like claircognizance, and the connection to Source. The theme is beliefs about God or things of a spiritual or psychic nature. It is the right to know and be known, wisdom about ourselves or the divine. 7th chakra crystals are amethyst, sugilite, and charoite.

I hope you have enjoyed this little journey through the chakras!!! They are a rainbow of light, and provide an amazing amount of information for you and the healer

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