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The Energetic Detective: 
following the energetic
clues to resolve your questions and bring forth your desires

Read About the Modalities

I know I only have your attention for about 6 seconds. But this is a different kind of website. It is meant to answer every possible question you could have, so I invite you to explore the extensive explanations of the modalities I offer. Bonus?  You won’t have to wait for an email from me!

Please take your time and absorb everything here. It’s a lot, but it shows the depth and breadth of my modality practices.  


START HERE! to answer all of your questions before booking a session with me. 


Meet Debbie Loshbough

Healing "whole"istically through multiple unique modalities...

Debbie is a sponge for any kind of healing modality, and one of her gifts is that every time she learns something she knows exactly how to fit it in with other modalities.

Change your inner landscape to recreate your outer life.


"I personally came across a healing process that Debbie Loshbough has done, and has a certification for doing..."~GM

"My eternal thanks goes out to Debbie for the amazing work that she does and her ability to remotely heal virtually any physical or emotional ailment/imbalance." ~ Jeremy F

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