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Debbie is very proud to be one of less than thirty certified Atlas Balancing/Dao Tha Soundcode  practitioners in the United States. She is one of the few who does remote Atlas Balancing, and is the only Certified Atlas Balancer who combines it with kinesiology and Energetic Fusion, making it even more powerful. She is one of only four people trained to teach Atlas Balancing in the United States.

First let’s talk about what Atlas Balancing is NOT.

Atlas Balancing is NOT a chiropractic adjustment.  

Atlas Balancing is a technique developed by Elisabeth Westermann of Germany to put the (cervical) atlas in place. This is done through Sound Codes™ and gentle energetic touch. It can also be done remotely, so no physical touch is required. Many are aware of the significance of the atlas, and the importance of having it aligned. While there are many techniques to put it in place, there are only two known techniques that allow it to remain in place without repeated applications. Atlas Prophilax™ is one, and requires a $30,000 machine. Atlas Balancing is the other. Atlas Balancing requires neither x-rays nor equipment. Once the atlas is in place, there is a 99% chance it will remain in place. The only cause for it to move out of place would be a severe trauma, such as a serious car accident or a fall from a roof.

The atlas is rotated in every human, most often to the left.  When turning your head to the left, it may feel restricted.  You will likely not be able to move as far to the left as you can to the right.  It may feel like a hard stop going to the left – not like a muscular issue, but like something is blocking any further movement.  That is the atlas, being rotated to the left.  It is in our DNA.  The only way that someone will be born with an atlas that is in its socket is if the mother has her atlas balanced prior to getting pregnant.



Since the atlas has such close proximity to many nerves and other structures, the effects of having it in place can be vast.  It can help with chronic neck and back pain, stiffness and inflexibility.  It can alleviate migraines and other headaches.  It can facilitate the healing of jaw issues and bruxism, even hearing and certain vision issues.  Since the digestive system is highly affected by the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, this too can often be helped by the balancing of the atlas.

Once the atlas is in place, the body begins to reorient and rebalance itself to this new alignment.  Many people find they require fewer visits to the chiropractor, some as little as every three to six months.  In addition to physical issues, there are potential spiritual effects.  Once the atlas is back in place and the spine realigns, there is nothing blocking the left side of the spinal region.  This allows energy coming into the crown chakra to flow unimpeded, and allows the kundalini to flow freely as well.  Once this kundalini begins to flow, this moves the body into its natural self-healing mode.  After this occurs, many marvelous changes can take place.  There are testimonials of various conditions being resoved, and many other benefits.  Additionally, people simply feel more open, have more energy, feel lighter and more aware, and have an overall sense of well-being.  Old traumas may come up days, weeks or months after the atlas is moved into place.  As this occurs, some minor pain may be experienced for a few days, then the body releases it as the self-healing continues over time.  So while there can be immediate results, the benefits continue as time goes on.





Atlas Balancing only needs to be done once.  This method moves the atlas into place and it does not need to be repeated.  This is the difference between Atlas Balancing, and chiropractic atlas adjustments.  Chiropractic adjustments rarely last more than a few days, if that long, because the atlas is not in its socket.  With Atlas Balancing, there is a follow up after about two weeks to check on the other vertebrae client’s progress.  The first visit takes less than an hour, with the second taking about 20 minutes.  All Certified Atlas Balancers sign a contract that they will charge $250 so that there is no competition between them.  The follow up is free.  It is well worth this price for the potential benefits.  Amazingly, Atlas Balancing can be done remotely!  No touch is required.

Please note that this modality was formerly known as Atlas Balancing but is now known as the Dao-Tha Soundcodes (or singing codes as translated from Elisabeth’s German language)



Length of Session:

Anywhere from 45-60 minutes

Follow Up:

Free 20 minute follow up




Is ‘Atlas Balancing’ a chiropractic adjustment?

Absolutely not.  Debbie is not a chiropractor and does not do chiropractic adustments.  In fact, chiropractors are unable to move the atlas completely into its socket with an adjustment.  They try,and they may come close, but it will only stay temporarily.  So then, people are trapped into repeated visits to the chiropractor to keep the atlas in place.  Atlas Balancing uses Sound Codes to allow the atlas to be bouyant, and then gentle energetic touch is used to move it into its socket.

What happens in an Atlas Balancing session?

In a typical Atlas Balancing session, the client is seated in a chair.  They are asked to move and turn their head, to see the range of motion for comparison afterward.  Sound Codes™ are toned, and light energetic touch is used to move the cervical atlas into place.  Different sound codes are used for the axis and remaining cervical vertebrae, with a gentle rocking of each.  Then each vertebra is rocked starting from the sacrum, and moving all the way back up the spine.  This is followed with Sound Codes™ for clearing the places where parts of the spine intersect, such as occiput/atlas, C7 and T1, etc.  Debbie tests for any extra soundcodes are needed for the various parts of the body.  There are beautiful Sound Codes™ to close called the State of Love, Transformation and Liberation.  Finally a powerful conclusion sound code ends the session.  The client will then move their head again to recheck the range of motion for imporvement.

How many sessions are required?

Atlas Balancing only needs to be done one time.  The atlas is moved back into place, and once in its socket it does not move again short of a major trauma, such as a bad car accident of a fall from a roof.  There is a free followup after two weeks.  Regular maintenance should be done by the client in whatever form they choose – chiropractic, massage or whatever you choose.  Some people like to use the Sound Codes™.as maintenance.  Debbie will vocalize the Sound Codes™ and rock the vertebra.  It will be like the initial Atlas Balancing session except the atlas will not be moved (since it will remain in place).

What makes Debbie different than other Atlas Balancers?

Debbie is unique in that after each segment of the Atlas Balancing, she uses kinesiology to see if any of the vertebrae need more work, or if more of the Sound Codes™ are needed.  Sometimes a vertebra will be ‘stuck’ and needs a bit of extra attention, or the client may not be grounded even after the grounding Sound Codes™ have been vocalized.  Additionally, there is a bonus for those who are Debbie’s Atlas Balancing clients.  As we all know, no matter how powerful a technique is, a person’s subconscious emotions and beliefs can prevent it from working.  So after the Atlas Balancing is done, Debbie runs an Energetic Fusion session with the intention of the client easily, gently and completely integrating the Atlas Balancing.  This session is generally short, but can be powerful at clearing, for example, emotions trapped in specific vertebrae.

How long is an Atlas Balancing session?

A typical Atlas Balancing session takes about an hour, but much of this is a pre-session interview and followup discussion.  The Energetic Fusion session that follows is generally 10 minutes or less. The Sound Codes™ themselves (e.g., for a maintenance session called Soundcode Therapy) take about 20 - 30 minutes.

How was Debbie trained in Atlas Balancing?

Debbie was trained directly by Elisabeth Westermann of Germany, who is the creator of the technique.  This was an extremely sacred, intense and powerful training.  Debbie feels so blessed to have been part of this, and she is thrilled to be one of the few dozen people pioneering this technique.

Can I just learn the Sound Codes™ and repeat them? 

You can, but they won’t be effective.  There was a deep and  moving process that Debbie went through to be attuned to these Sound Codes™.  Without this process and attunement, singing the tones will not be effective.

Can I record the session?

No, I'm sorry.

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